Millis Transfer: A Military Veteran-Friendly Company

Are you a military veteran looking to start a civilian career? Now you can transition into your civilian career with comprehensive training from the Millis Training Institute and excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer.

Millis Transfer appreciates the service of our nation’s military men and women. The company wants to show its appreciation by making it easy for veterans to transition into a new career after an honorable discharge. Of course, Millis also appreciates the qualities a military veteran will bring to the workforce—qualities they look for in all their employees.

First, they know those who have served in the military are dependable and have integrity. When our military men and women have a job to do, they follow through and get it done. When they make a commitment, they don’t back down. That’s the reputation Millis Transfer brings to the trucking industry as well.

Second, Millis Transfer appreciates that a military veteran is an independent self-starter who has learned to work well in a team environment as well. The trucking industry often demands drivers to spend long hours alone while never forgetting they are part of a team—and they can have confidence that their team has their back.

Third, they know a military veteran has learned to adapt to unforeseen situations. One thing is certain; a career in the trucking industry is dynamic. Conditions can change suddenly, requiring a quick, cool and levelheaded response.

Millis Transfer also understands the importance of family and strives to be a family-friendly company as well. They understand what it is like to be away from family and friends for extended periods; therefore, the company tries to minimize drivers’ time spent away from their families. Millis Transfer works with its drivers to create a work/home balance.

Transitioning into a civilian career does not have to be difficult. With training from the Millis Training Institute and the excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer, our military veterans can start an exceptional career in the trucking industry. Millis Transfer wants our veterans to have long, successful and healthy careers. To learn more, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

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