Love What You Do

WE LOVE what we DO. And our drivers seem to LOVE what they do. So we wanted to know, what exactly they LOVE about being a Paid Tourist.

These were some of our favorite responses:

  • “The view from the ‘office’, seeing the sunrises and going to different towns, and learning new things that I want to share with my kids
  • “Getting over 3000 miles in a week
  •  Definitely getting to see new places…”
  • “New places, old places, meeting new people, visiting old people, Trucking west northwest to southwest.”
  • “Everything”
  • “Getting good miles, traveling with my wife (when she gets on the truck in a few days) Getting to see new places, sunrises, sunsets and the thunderstorms!
  •  “Getting to go new places and see new things.”
  • “What drew me to the business was my love of traveling and seeing new things and a way to provide for my family. “
  • “My company backs me and I provide a service that really means something.
  • “Riding next to my hubby bouncing down the roads on a daily adventure.”
  •  “The people I meet along the way.”

And here’s the surprise: We wanted to share with our drivers  that we also LOVE what they do, too:

  • “ They’re motivated and smart. They know what they want.”
  • “They are fun to talk to. Always have a funny story from the road”
  • “I have guys that I have dispatched for over 10 years and they’ve become close friends. We talk almost everyday how could they not?”
  • “They’re hardworking.”
  • “They are grateful when you get them home for a birthday, or a graduation.  I think they appreciate the work we do in the office.”
  • “Millis drivers are quality. Bottom line.”

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