Best of Everything: Living Life in a Postcard, Enjoying Alone Time

Life on the road is a lot like living inside a postcard. There are extraordinary experiences. Memorable moments in rural and even isolated places. Unique sights in strange and beautiful areas. The joy of being a ”paid tourist” also offers something else that is rare and valuable. Plenty of alone time.

It has been said that alone time is “fuel for life.” Research highlights a number of benefits in having time to yourself. It helps to restore energy and lower stress. It offers time for self-reflection and an opportunity for hobbies. One trucker noted that she likes to make blankets. Others utilize downtime to exercise. Connecting online and doing a bit of web surfing is also a popular choice for alone time activities.

With the delivery of advanced technology, most of us are all “terminally in touch.” Yet, as indicated in research, “…in another, more profound way, we are terminally out of touch.”

Living in a postcard can be everything you dream it to be, but it takes a special kind of person to appreciate its often quiet and independent environment. While there are plenty of reasons to make the decision to become a truck driver, being one requires some unique communication and adapting skills.

As the miles roll away, truck drivers must make the effort and find ways to stay connected with those they love and to nurture long distance relationships. While it is different than most professions, there can be many advantages to a life of driving.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the freedom of the open road, is inspired by the the sites behind the wheel, likes the feeling of being your own boss, and wants to work for a company that treats you like a member of the family, than Millis Transfer is for you.

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