Packing the Necessities…

Deciding what to bring on the road can be a bit of a challenge. Pack too much and you find you don’t have enough room to sleep. Pack too little and you will be scrambling to find things you need. Space must be utilized wisely in a cab. So, it is usually recommended that truckers pack lightly—taking only the bare necessities.

What are a trucker’s bare necessities? Some of the more common answers in online surveys include:


This one is kind of a given. You really must have something to wear. It’s not uncommon for truckers to pack enough clothing for seven to ten days. With that said, pack strategically and logically. And, don’t be surprised if you end up wearing the same pair of jeans two days in a row. All in all, most recommended items include tennis shoes or work boots, a jacket, jeans, socks and enough underwear to last a week or more.

Long Johns and rain ponchos are handy, too.


Be sure to bring the basics. Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, laundry soap, body wash. A towel and wash cloth, suntan lotion, and powder are also helpful.

You’ll also want to keep things as clean as possible while traveling to help avoid catching a bug and to make life in the cab more pleasant. Wet wipes, air freshener, small garbage bags and a laundry bag are all recommended. Other items that truckers suggest: a bible, hands free headset for cell phone, Sirius XM radio, sunglasses, and a sleeping bag.


Stephen King once said that “It’s best to have your tools with you. If you don’t, you’re apt to find something you didn’t expect and get discouraged.” What kind of tools exactly? Maybe not the same kind that Stephen King would haul around, but most truckers recommend having a flashlight, crowbar, vise grips, hammer, long stem pressure gauge, and a first aid kit. Some truckers even recommend investing in your own travel size porta potty.

Regardless of what you include on your packing list, pack light and neatly. That way, you will have want you need while out on that great highway to your next destination.

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