It’s Time to Thank Our Truck Drivers

In celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, it is time once again to say “thanks” to our 7.3 million trucking industry employees that help to move America’s freight. “Those who work in the trucking industry or personally know a truck driver understand the important work that these men and women do on the road each day,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Truck drivers are safe, dedicated individuals who help provide our daily goods and I hope the public celebrates and thanks all 3.5 million of them…”

According to the ATA, the trucking industry provides one out of every 16 jobs in America and moves more than 70.1% of the nation’s total freight tonnage. “…more than 80% of U.S. communities rely exclusively on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities – providing access to 21st century products to both remote rural communities and urban centers.”

Without truck drivers, we simply would not have access to the things we need—the things that enable us to live healthy and safe lives. Truck drivers do more than just deliver goods; they also fill integral roles in our societies. As noted by ATA First Vice Chairman Kevin Burch, “Truck drivers are incredibly vital to our economy, but they’re also valuable members of their communities, oftentimes serving as baseball coaches, pastors and volunteers. That level of civic engagement is a unique foundation of the trucking industry….”

As we honor our nation’s truck drivers throughout September, we also take a moment to remember the historical events of September 11th. An important day in our country’s history, it is also one that changed trucking dramatically. According to CCJDigital.Com, the events of 9/11 put even more scrutiny on the application process for HazMat endorsements and other related trucking issues. Now, more than ever, truck drivers play a vital role, not only in transporting goods, but in helping to maintain and secure those goods as well.

September is a significant month. It’s a time to recognize truck drivers and to remember 9/11. It is also a time when football gets underway and autumn finally arrives. While eventful, it is not so busy that we cannot stop to remember or give thanks for those who do so much for all of us.

All that we do and all that we celebrate, more often than not, is made possible or stems from the hard work and dedication of those in the trucking industry. With that said, it is with great pride that we say, “Thank You, Truckers” for all that you sacrifice and for all that you give—to the profession, to the community and to the world.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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