Courtesy: What It Means to be a Better Driver

Little things make a big difference, especially in trucking. It is important to remember the essentials. After the initial training phase, driving can feel like a pair of shoes. The more time spent on the road, the more comfortable things feel. Things can get so comfortable, however, that drivers forget basic courtesies. While it has been said before, we will say it again. What drivers Do Not Do all to often distinguishes the mediocre from the best.

There are plenty of examples to prove that. For instance, when a driver is attentive, others on the highway are inclined to feel more at ease. We also know that when a driver forgets to utilize a turn signal, it may cause unnecessary concern. At Millis Transfer, we work hard to ensure our drivers never forget the difference the details can make.

A classic example of a common courtesy that drivers should always follow (when possible) is moving over to the middle lane when trucks or vehicles are merging onto the freeway. When a driver doesn’t do this and stops being courteous, people draw a world of conclusions about the driver and the trucking company. Every decision a driver makes, therefore, reflects on the individual driver as much as the company brand.

Safe driving evolves from good choices. Good choices save lives. While eating well and exercising are an important part of the good choices we make to be better drivers, we must also know how to avoid common ailments such as “trucker’s shoulder” or repetitive strain injury. We know it is as important to get the necessary rest as it is to eat the right foods. Overall, there must be at least 101 basic rules drivers should practice for a number of different reasons. For instance, flashing your lights to motion to another driver that they can get in front of you is not only courteous, it helps prevent accidents.

At Millis Transfer, we take pride in knowing we work with some of the most courteous and attentive drivers in the business, drivers who never take the little things forgranted. Drivers who understand little things sometimes make all the difference. Whether it is the simple use of a turn signal or any number of common sense decisions, we’re a family of drivers you can count on to help make the highways a safer, more courteous place to be.

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