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There’s an online version of the game show “Family Feud” that asks the question: Name something, that if it could talk, would say “Wash Me.” Think about it for a second. What would you say? It’s probably no surprise that “vehicle” was the top answer, but it’s interesting that the word “truck” was not.

How many times have you driven down the highway and seen an 18 wheeler with the words, “Wash Me” written on the back of the trailer? Perhaps the truck drivers who write these messages on their trailers are simply reminding the rest of the driving world to wash their “vehicles.” As noted, it is obviously not the “trucks” that need washing in the minds of the survey participants.

Truckers or those interested in trucking should consider these results–45 people in the survey answered with the word “vehicle.” Only one person in the group answered with the word “truck.” Believe it or not, answers like “floors” and “socks” got more responses than anything related to trucking.

Like the word “truck” in this survey, trucking is one of those professions people rarely consider. Truth be told, truck drivers are almost “too good” at their jobs. Since people almost never have to do without the essentials that are delivered by them, most people really don’t know what they have until it is not there. More often than not, it is seen as a field that is not so much taken for granted, as it is considered invincible. People don’t think about it because the transportation sector always comes through in the long run. The mindset is generally, “You can count on that.”

With that said, truckers are “unsung heroes.” When food or supplies have been delayed at processing plants, the sight of an 18 wheeler arriving on location is a welcomed one. Few areas could ever be completely self-sustaining. As a result, the entire landscape of what we know is enhanced by the quiet work performed in trucking.

A truck driver is frequently described as someone who simply transports goods, but it is not quite so simple. Updated statistics indicate that nearly one in five people are somehow employed through the trucking industry. Truck drivers save lives. They enable production. They put food and drinks on the table. They are the backbone of our society. The core thread that quietly connects us all.

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