Looking Ahead to the Possibilities

2017 holds a lot of promise. The trucking business in particular is expected to have budding opportunity. As published by the American Trucking Association, the driver shortage continues and the demand for truck drivers is expected to grow throughout the year 2020. An online financial blog reports that the main factor in the trucking shortage is the disparity between those retiring in comparison to the number of drivers taking to the road.

Analysts also believe that 2017 will bring us closer to automation and self driving vehicles in positive ways. For instance, Uber has bought a company in San Francisco that produces self-driving trucks named “Otto” and the company has made their first delivery with them, transporting over 50,000 beers to Colorado. While self-driving trucks are not slated to take over the trucking industry, they will begin to make a notable presence in the years to come. Along with self driving trucks, Uber is also promising flying cars. According to a white paper they published, Uber has already launched a fleet of them in Pittsburgh.

In a December 2016 report from the President of the United States, it was stated that the trucking industry may lose nearly 1.7 million jobs, but it will also gain new ones. Predicting which jobs will be lost by automation is challenging, as automation is not a single technology, but rather a collection of technologies applied to specific tasks. Some will be more easily automated than others and many positions will be altered in the years to come as a result of new advances in technology. To learn more, the report can be accessed here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/whitehouse.gov/files/documents/Artificial-Intelligence-Automation-Economy.PDF

Automation is not the end of the driver, but the beginning of a new role and process of delivery for drivers. As the Executive Report states, “Some jobs may be automated away, while for others, AI-driven automation will make many workers more productive and increase demand for certain skills. Finally, new jobs are likely to be directly created in areas such as the development and supervision of AI as well as indirectly created in a range of areas throughout the economy as higher incomes lead to expanded demand.”

As 2017 gets underway, those currently working in and those entering the field, will have exciting adventures ahead in the way advances in automation and transportation technology impact the industry. Discussion of deregulation may also take greater form and lead to new opportunity. The benefits of the field are not yet even fully defined in the wake of this exciting, emerging semi-automated transformation. One thing is for certain, however, the possibilities are endless.

About Millis Transfer
Millis Transfer, Getting It There Since 1936, has an impressive service record earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards. Headquartered in Black River Falls, Wis., Millis is also a Certified Top Pay Carrier with some of the best equipment on the road. Maintenance facilities and drop yards are strategically located throughout the company’s operating area. Its sister company, Millis Training Institute, offers five school locations that provide students with quality training in order to earn their CDL-A license. For more information, please visit www.millistransfer.com, www.mtidriving.com or call 1-800-937-0880.

How to Pick Between CDL Truck Driving Schools

There are so many CDL truck driving schools to choose from, how to you pick the right one to start your career?    While all the schools claim to prepare you for the Commercial Driver’s License exam, it’s the truck driving schools that go above and beyond the minimum that are worthy of your consideration.

Not all CDL truck driving schools let you earn while you learn like Millis Training Institute does. You could be eligible to make:

  • $71.50 per day for days 1-21
  • $78.50 per day for days 22-35
  • $85.75 per day for the rest of training

It’s nice to get paid to learn. That’s something few CDL truck driving schools can offer.

When choosing between truck driving schools, it helps to find ones that train to hire. Millis Training Institute also trains to hire. Millis Transfer is one of the largest driver-, family-, and military-friendly carriers on the road. It’s nice to know your career is waiting upon your graduation.

Look for CDL truck driving schools that help with the cost of training by making low-cost financing available. Even while you train for a new career you have bills to pay and maybe a family to support. Pick a school that understands your financial needs.

Of course, you also want to pick a school with outstanding instructors, excellent equipment and small classes. At some CDL truck driving schools, you would spend most of your time watching someone else drive and never pull a loaded trailer. The more one-on-one time you can have and the more time behind the wheel of the kind of equipment you will be using, the better.

Picking between CDL truck driving schools is easy when you know what to look for. With training from the Millis Training Institute and the excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer, military veterans and others looking for a fresh start can begin an exceptional career in the trucking industry. Millis Transfer wants you to have a long, successful and healthy career. To learn more, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

Is Truck Driving School the Right Choice for Me?

Thinking about attending a truck driving school to start or transition into a new career, but just can’t decide if it’s right for you? A career choice is a big decision and you should consider your choices carefully. A career in the trucking industry isn’t right for everyone, but if you like the idea of getting paid to see the USA and are ready to start earning good pay quickly, it might just be right for you.

There are lots of careers that require a four-year, two-year or even one-year degree to get started. You have a choice of sitting in classes for months or years racking up debt, or you can start a new career quickly by attending a truck driving school.

Most truck driving schools train you to earn your Commercial Driver’s License in three to four weeks. That’s a really short training cycle. Would you rather spend a month finding your way around campus while learning to navigate through the bureaucracy of admissions and registration, or learning how to be out on the road earning money?

Truck drivers can expect to earn about as much as most college graduates, only sooner. And unlike a lot of college graduates who can’t find jobs for months after graduation, graduates of a truck driving school can look forward to immediate employment.

Schools like Millis Training Institute with its four locations offer affordable, high-quality training to get you started in your trucking career. MTI also trains to hire for Millis Transfer, one of the largest family and driver friendly carriers around. Financial aid is available to help if you need it.

For military veterans transitioning into civilian careers, a truck driving school like MTI is a great alternative. Special financial aid is available to honorably discharged military personnel, and Millis is a military-friendly company.

Choosing the right road to a new career does not have to be difficult. With training from the Millis Training Institute and the excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer, military veterans and others looking for a fresh start can begin an exceptional career in the trucking industry. Millis Transfer wants you to have a long, successful and healthy career. To learn more, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

Guide to Truck Driving Schools

Looking for truck driving schools? They’re not hard to find. In fact, just about anywhere in the United States you can probably find one within commuting distance of your home. So, if you’re just looking, you’re in good shape.

But if you want a new career or are transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce, looking is not what you are about. You need something for the long haul. You need a school that will set you on the right road and take you where you want to go. But how do you find the right truck driving school?

If you want a school to get you started in the trucking industry, go to a school the trucking industry looks to for new drivers. You can get a law degree at a lot of universities, but there is a reason why the big law firms recruit from Harvard Law School: reputation. The same is true for truck driving schools. You want to find a school with a stellar reputation in the truck driving industry.

One way to do that is to check out social media. Find out what graduates and others have to say about the school. The Facebook page of the Millis Training Institute is full of comments like these:

  • “Great place to start and continue your trucking career. Nice equipment, plenty of miles, and lots of opportunity. I am very pleased with my decision. I started as a student and became an OTR driver.”— Jason K
  • “Ok got my driving school part done, got to go through some paperwork next few days, talked with my trainer driver, should be leaving out next week on my birthday, if all stays as planned. The instructor trainers past 3 weeks have been outstanding. They put up with me for 3 weeks; they are tough, but patient, lol.”—Darren P.

When choosing between truck driving schools, you don’t want to know just what students think. After all, “Party U.” has a great reputation among students and graduates living in mom and dad’s basement. What about instructors and examiners?

  • “I took my trainee Russ to a CDL Test Facility in PA and am pleased to report that, along with passing his CDL Pre-Trip, Skills, and Road Test, the examiner commented on how nice Millis’ equipment is, how prepared the students and trainers are, and that we do a fine job at our schools. It is refreshing to go to a test site and not be treated like a 2nd class citizen.”  ( MTI  Instructor)

It’s easy to see Millis Training Institute has a good reputation with students, teachers, drivers in the industry.

Getting your CDL is an important first step in starting your truck driving career. Choosing the right school among the many truck driving schools out there may be the biggest decision of your career. Look for one that has a reputation for moving careers forward.

Transitioning into a new career does not have to be difficult. With training from the Millis Training Institute and the excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer, military veterans and others looking for a fresh start can begin an exceptional career in the trucking industry. Millis Transfer wants you to have a long, successful and healthy career. To learn more, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

What the Best Truck Driving Schools Offer?

If you’re looking to enter the truck driving profession, you want to choose one of the best truck driving schools to get your training. Finding a truck driving school is easy—but to find the best, you need not look further than the Millis Training Institute.  We realize not everyone can make it to one of our training facilities so here is a guide to what to look for in a good training program.



You want to train on good equipment. The programs run by the local community or technical college, or the school run by a retired truck driver, might be using equipment that was built before you were born. While these choices might be cheaper, look for a school that can provide newer, well-maintained equipment. Learning is enough of a challenge; you don’t want to worry about the equipment too.

Also, make sure the program you enroll in calls for practice pulling a weighted trailer. Experienced truck drivers can attest there is a significant difference between pulling an empty trailer and one that is fully loaded, especially on a grade. The best truck driving schools provide opportunities to experience both.


The classrooms should be clean, well maintained, and equipped with audiovisual equipment. The school should have a practice range large enough to give you the confidence you need before you get on the road for real.


Instructors should be experienced drivers as well as excellent teachers. The best truck driving schools have faculties large enough to give students personal attention. Your instructors should have at least three years’ experience as a professional truck driver before teaching.

Drive Time

You should receive at least 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training. This is not time spent in a simulator or time spent observing your instructor or another student driving, but 44 hours of training with you in control of the rig. That’s one full week. You should have plenty of time on the road to get comfortable in traffic. The best truck driving schools will give you more time.

Program Length

By now it should be clear you can’t get the classroom instruction you need and the time behind the wheel required in just two weeks. Good schools will last at least three weeks, with one week in the classroom, one week on the practice range, and one week on the road.

When choosing the best driving schools, cost shouldn’t be a consideration. Why? Because the best schools will either help you get a job or provide one. For instance, Millis Transfer, Inc. runs four schools in the United States to train our drivers, and we offer a job when you pass.

To learn more about how Millis Transfer offers the best truck driving schools to get you started in your career, visit our website or give us a call, and join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Millis Transfer Knows: Trucking Schools Can Drive Your Success

Millis Transfer knows trucking schools play a big part in the success of the drivers they train. Getting a great first trucking job can depend on the quality of training you receive. However, not all schools are created equal; choose the one that can get you where you want to go. Millis Training Institute is among the best in the nation for providing CDL training.

Millis-TransferA good school starts with experienced trainers. You want to learn from those who have actually been out on the road and know what it demands. But you also want trainers who know how to pass on what they have learned.

If possible, you also want to partner with a company like Millis Transfer to get low cost, high quality training. Not only do you have a job waiting for you once you successfully complete your training, you also don’t have to suffer financially while attending school.

Lots of schools offer good programs with low cost training and experienced instructors, but Millis Training Institute was established by Millis Transfer to go the extra mile. Its mission is to provide students with the tools they need to have a successful career in the trucking industry. Unlike some trucking schools, MTI’s dynamic training program is designed to ensure graduates are ready to utilize their truck driving skills to provide for themselves and their families.

MTI stands apart because it has four locations and new classes beginning every week. It provides a level of flexibility in your training few other schools can match. MTI can also help jump-start your career. Founded to provide quality drivers to Millis Transfer, one of the premier trucking firms in the industry, it provides expertly trained drivers to other companies as well.

Graduating from the right school can literally put you in the driver’s seat. To learn more about Millis Transfer, Millis Training Institute, or how to compare trucking schools, visit our website.

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