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Like most trucking companies and truck drivers,  Millis Transfer has had to adapt new technologies to stay competitive. While truck driving and fleet management isn’t exactly rocket science, early pioneers of spaceflight would envy the high-tech resources making the trucking industry safer and more efficient, as well as providing drivers more conveniences.

The in-cab technologies available today make it difficult to imagine life before them. With GPS systems speaking directions on which exits to take and which way to turn, you wonder how drivers ever got to their destinations with street maps and written instructions. It’s like having a navigator sitting in the cab with you. It can even help you route around accidents and traffic jams on the fly.

But GPS is only one part of the on-board computing power. Even the Apollo astronauts lacked the resources available to most trucking companies, and they were headed to the moon. For example, Millis Transfer makes use of electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) to monitor fuel efficiency and a driver’s hours of service (HOS).  This means quick roadside inspections, paperless operations and error free logs, all which benefit our drivers immensely.

The trucks themselves have become safer through high-tech self-monitoring. Features like traction control aid drivers in avoiding accidents. Collision avoidance technology helps truckers defend themselves against drivers who like to hide in large blind spots. Smart trailers can even sense when a door is open or when cargo is shifting and alert the driver as needed.

Safety is a trucker’s number one concern; however, technology provides added convenience to the driver as well. Mobile communication means Millis Transfer and other trucking companies no longer have to require drivers to find a pay phone to check in on a regular basis. It also provides instant updates on route changes. Added auxiliary power units save fuel by reducing engine idle, and they deliver comfortable heating and cooling while sleeping on long hauls. Plus the power units allow 110-volt electrical power for all the devices we find essential these days.

Millis Transfer embraces high-tech innovations not only to stay competitive, but for the safety and convenience of our drivers. We began as a family owned business, and our drivers are an important part of our family. If you’re looking for a new experience in truck driving, visit our  website and join the team with Millis Transfer.

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