Looking for the best truck driving school?

Finding truck driving schools is like finding truck driving jobs – they seem to be everywhere. But how do you find the best truck driving school? The best schools will train you as a professional truck driver without costing a fortune and will offer you a job once you have successfully completed their program. So where are they?best-truck-driving-school

Millis Training Institute ranks among the best truck driving schools in the nation. They provide high quality training at a low cost. Experienced instructors, who are also experienced truck drivers, provide the training you need to become a professional driver. Plus, financing is available for approved applicants so you don’t have to front all the money to get started in your new career.

Of course, all the best truck driving schools provide quality instruction and financing. What sets Millis Training Institute apart? For one, MTI offers small classes. This allows students to get the individual attention from instructors they need in order to be successful. Many low cost truck driving schools make their money on volume, so you never get the attention or education you deserve.

What else puts Millis Transfer among the best of the best? Most truck driving schools provide three weeks of full-time instruction – MTI lasts four weeks. Like most schools, the first week of MTI consists of classroom training and some range training. The second week has one day in the classroom and the rest on the range or on the road. Like all the best truck driving schools, the third week at MTI delivers 40 hours on the road putting into practice everything you have learned so far. Successful completion of your training at MTI means you will be offered a job driving for Millis Transfer. So your fourth week of training is actually three days of company orientation for your new job at Millis Transfer.

At MTI, new classes start every Monday, so you can begin anytime. There are also four locations to choose from including:  Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, or Texas. Attend whichever location is most convenient for you. Now that you know what the best truck driving schools offer, it’s time to find the closest Millis Transfer Institute to you and submit your application today!

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