Considering a New Career in 2014? Finding the Best Truck Driving School

Finding a full-time career in today’s economy has many people looking for the best truck driving school available. Truck drivers are in demand, get good pay and benefits, and starting a career in this industry doesn’t require years or even months of instruction. In fact, you could get started in your new career in as little as four or five weeks.

Of course, you can’t just go out and start driving a truck. You need a commercial driver’s license. To get your CDL, you will need some training, and to get your training you want to find the best truck driving school, which for us is the Millis Training Institute.

A good accredited school is going to cost money, but financial aid is available to those who qualify. Schools that are not accredited will definitely not be the best truck driving schools for you, and should be avoided.

Most accredited schools offer a similar program: a week of classroom orientation and instruction, followed by a week of driving on a practice range, and conclude with a week of over-the-road instruction. However, similar curriculum doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is the same from school to school.

When looking for the best truck driving school, check the quality of the instructors and the equipment. Look for instructors who have spent at least a few years on the road; they know the profession, and they should be able to give instructions with confidence.

Also look at the equipment. Is it old and falling apart, or is it well maintained? You want to learn while using reliable equipment, and the best truck driving school will provide it. The school should also provide practice hauling a loaded trailer, not just an empty one. Does the practice range include grades and tight turns?

Also consider the driving experience you will gain while attending school. Will you spend most of your time observing the instructor or your fellow students drive? The key is the actual amount of time you will spend behind the wheel, not how much time you spend in the cab.

Millis Transfer strives to provide the best truck driving school in the industry. With four locations in the United States, the Millis Training Institute offers an accredited program with a full range of financial assistance, experienced drivers selected for their ability to teach as instructors, excellent equipment, and 40 hours behind the wheel during your final week. We also offer you a job after successful completion of the program. Visit our website or give us a call at 800-937-0880 to learn more.

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