A Few Highlights from 2016

This year has brought some interesting advancements. From encouraging ATA industry reports to innovative new apps designed to help truckers locate parking, it has been exciting to learn about developments. There is good news for quite a few things. For instance, most areas, such as the number of miles truck drivers are traveling, have seen healthy increases.

According to the ATA American Trucking Trends 2016 report, there were gains in employment, the number of truck drivers in the industry, and in truck sales. Trucking revenues also set a record high of $726.4 billion as trucks moved more than 10 billion tons of freight. ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello states, “We are optimistic about the future.”

Issues such as the lack of adequate parking, while still being addressed, are also getting some relief. As noted in an article by Trucking.Com, more than $18 billion dollars is being allocated to address parking shortages across the country. With that, new parking lots will be constructed and existing parking lots are set to be expanded, all to provide a safer place for truckers to park and rest.

While problems associated with truck parking used to be limited to congested metropolitan areas, newer studies suggest issues have expanded. Freeways said to have the most parking shortages are listed as: I-95, I-40, I-80, I-10, and I-81. Other locations where inadequate parking has been identified can be found in states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Washington, Tennessee and Oregon.

Overdrive Magazine conducted a poll of truck drivers earlier in the year. 83 percent of those interviewed say “it’s bad all over” when it comes finding a place to park. To help assist, new technology arrived to help truckers navigate available resources. For instance, the Park My Truck app enables any parking provider, public or private, to report parking availability. That makes it easier for truckers to find parking spaces. Anyone interested in reviewing the app, can access it for free by visiting this website: http://www.natso.com/parkmytruck..

Some locations, such as Washington State, are wrapping up their own independent surveys that they will utilize to help address the issues of parking in their areas. While it may take some patience, assurances are there that solutions to the problems are being addressed. Truckers will just have to remain vigil in regard to changes in lots and try to utilize available resources to keep issues at bay until construction projects are completed.

According to Forbes.Com and the 2016 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics, large trucks (single unit and tractor-trailers) traveled nearly 279,131 million miles in 2014, a three percent increase from the previous year. While certain challenges are still being addressed, there’s been a lot of progress toward providing better parking, improving profitability, increasing overall tonnage transported throughout the year, and making it easier for new recruits, especially those in the military, to utilize their previous experiences to help transition into the trucking industry. Now more than ever, it’s a great time to join the family at Millis Transfer. Make your dreams of traveling those scenic highways and byways a reality and give us a call today.

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